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The Ziegler Family ∙ "Be kind, every one has a story you know nothing about."

BirdRock Baby- Krista Ziegler

The Ziegler Family

Stow, OH

What is your favorite family tradition?

Christmas! This is when we all get together in the weeks leading up to the big day for shopping trips, cookie exchanges, out of town family and friends, and always end our Christmas night watching Christmas Vacation.

Tell us about your favorite family story.

After being empty nesters for 2+ years, our son moved back from Chicago and our daughter, her boyfriend and my first granddaughter moved back from Florida! We currently have 3 generations under one roof! Things get hectic and chaotic at times, but what a blessing to have my granddaughter here with us. The bond we have because of them living here is amazing! She's just turned 11 months old and she is the reason we are such big Bird Rock Baby fans!! Ryleigh owns several pair!

What is your family's motto?

Always be kind, every one has a story you know nothing about. And always, always be the better person!!