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The Kovatch Family ∙ "Love everyone."

BirdRock Baby- Cassie Kovatch

The Kovatch Family

West Richland, WA

What is your favorite family tradition?

We live in the PWN. So Running Bloomsday Marathon in Spokane Washington has become a great family tradition. This will be our sons first Bloomsday. Going to any Mariners or Seahawks games is always a fun time and great way to start traditions.

Tell us about your favorite family story.

So far, it's bringing Paxton home from the hospital and meeting his dogs!

What is your family's motto?

Love everyone

Share Your Parenting Wisdom

BirdRock Baby- Cassie Kovatch

What's your number one tip for new parents?

Listen to advise from family members--but don't take that advise if you don't want to or agree with the advise.

What has been the most surprising thing you've learned as a parent?

You just know what your baby needs even with out them being able to talk.

Tell us about your funniest parenting story (we all have them!)

It was a couple days after we brought Paxton home from the hospital and I hear from down the hall when his dad was changing his diaper "Cassie! There's poop everywhere! He projectile pooped! It's on my foot."

You can find the Kovatch Family on Instagram at @cassiekovatch.