The Moore Family ∙ "Remember who loves you." - BirdRock Baby

The Moore Family ∙ "Remember who loves you."

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The Moore Family ∙ "Remember who loves you."

BirdRock Baby- Whitney Moore

The Moore Family

North Salt Lake, UT

What is your favorite family tradition?

Every year my husband's family spends the New Year up in Park City, UT. (We are from Salt Lake City, so it's not too far from our normal stomping grounds.) We find rent some rooms from a well known hotel called The Homestead and spend a couple of days soaking in the snowy weather and eachother's company.

We find ourselves seeing ice castles, drinking hot chocolate, playing games, eating at local whole-in-the-wall restaurants, etc. It's a great way to ring in the new year!

Family traditions are so much more fun when you have a small family of your own to introduce them to and share together. Spending this past New Year in Park City with our baby boy their - boy, it makes the holidays so special. We can't wait to introduce more family traditions to him as the year goes by.

Tell us about your favorite family story.

We ended up taking Finn (our son) to Disneyland back in October when he was about 6 weeks old. My husband and I are very familiar with Disneyland. We've gone there about 30 times together in the last 5 years and we wanted to introduce this happy place as a family. I will never forget strolling down Main Street for the first time with my husband and son, going on some Fantasyland rides - and we can't wait to take him back in the summertime!

What is your family's motto?

Remember who loves you.

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What's your number one tip for new parents?

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Being a new parent is HARD. You spend 9 months trying to prepare for your lives to change and as soon as your babe comes, you will realize that you have no idea what to do with them. And that's okay!

You will spend night after night rocking, bouncing, consoling this tiny human who is new to everything in life and is looking for you to care for them and make everything right in the world. You will spend so many hours switching off 'baby watch' so you can take turns napping. Don't be ashamed to ask for help, it's important for you as parents to take care of yourselves as well as the newborn baby.

BirdRock Baby- Whitney Moore

What has been the most surprising thing you've learned as a parent?

Being a stay-at-home mom really is a full time job. My husband and I decided shortly after we found out we were expecting that I should stay home and raise our child. I have had a full time job for 6 years and was reluctant at the thought of staying home all day. I thought there wouldn't be much to do and that I would get bored. But I was SO wrong. Lol.

Keeping your baby on a schedule of eating, sleeping and playtime is hard on its own - then adding in laundry, cooking dinner, keeping the house clean... holy moly. Sometimes I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. But I wouldn't change it for anything.

You can find the Moore family on Instagram at @whitsmoore.