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The Myers Family ∙ "Our family is woven together with love and grace."

BirdRock Baby- Amy Salins-Myers

The Myers Family

Lake Stevens, WA

What is your favorite family tradition?

It's really hard to pick just one now that I'm thinking about it. We are a blended family of cultures and traditions which makes for a lot of joy. I married my sweet husband who has a son. My stepson, Roman, is like my own and I love him so very much.

Just this summer we welcomed our baby girl, Darshini, to the family which has been such a blessing and challenge! I'd have to say that some of the 'traditions' we have are just the moments that make life special.

I strive to be present with my stepson, especially with a new baby. We usually have morning chats where I'm drinking my coffee and he's making his lunch. It's a special time for sure.

Thanksgiving time is a moment to truly begin to get into the holiday spirit. We like to make samosa's, an Indian snack in our house to enjoy the blending of my Indian culture into the family. During Christmas, since that is what is on my mind this time of year, we follow the Advent calendar with of course eating the candy treats each day and also reflecting on the season. And, when we decorate the Christmas tree we always have hot cocoa and cheese puffs!

Tell us about your favorite family story.

It's hard to think of just one story as family is so deep and so intertwined. I think I will have to probably share a couple if that's ok! When my husband and I were getting married my husband asked his son to be his best man on the special day. Roman has played such a role in my life to prepare me to become a mom. It was so special seeing Roman standing next to his dad on our wedding knowing that he played such an important role in our lives.

A couple years ago, we went to Florida for a friend's wedding and we went to a special beach where you can find shark teeth washed up on shore. We spent hours trying to find them and towards the end of the day, after a lot of disappointment...we realized the shark teeth are black not white because they are fossilized! We laughed and laughed so hard but still had fun.

We decided that we would try to take a big family vacation every other year and next year...we're headed back to look for shark teeth! This time, we know what to look for so it should be so much fun and of course warm!

BirdRock Baby- Amy Salins-Myers

what is your family's motto?

Our family is woven together with love and grace

Is there anything else you'd like us to know about your family story?

Everyday there is a challenge or a struggle with my family but there is also so much love and grace. It has been a huge shift in our family welcoming our sweet baby girl and to see how she brings joy to each one of us has been a gift. We continue to build upon love and grace for one another knowing that we will always have each other, that we do not do this life alone.

My family blended, multi-cultural, multi-racial...we seek social justice and love for our community and walk beside the many friends we are blessed with. To know that this is my family is an amazing gift that words of thanks can barely cover. We are woven together with love and grace...what a beautiful gift they are to me.

Share Your Parenting Wisdom

What's your number one tip for new parents?

Since I'm a new parent to a baby but a seasoned stepmom too I'd have to give a little bit of both from each perspective.

So, for the new baby mom's...grace grace grace. Grace for your baby, grace for your partner and a huge amount of grace for you! Remember that physically, emotionally and mentally all things have changed. Know that you have not been lost but that your identity has shifted to include the most amazing and rewarding title of Mommy or Daddy!

And as a stepmom, I have learned that giving space, strengthening relationship in my step son's time and being open and honest is the best. I told Roman that I would never replace his mom but that I love him like my own. He has opened up to me through the years and trusts me to walk with him. He invited me into his life because I chose to show up and be present. He has given me a gift like no other and I love him for that.

What has been the most surprising thing you've learned as a parent?

That no amount of books, websites, articles or opinions listened to will give you what you and your child truly need. Building the bond with your children is something that you and your children will know how to do from day one. It isn't easy but you and your child are the only ones on the entire planet that will have a bond like yours.

I am blown away at how my baby girl smiles at me, looks at me and says in those eyes 'Mama, you are enough for me.' Knowing that my kids need me to be me and not a 'super mom'...that's the most humble and most loving gift I have every  received.

BirdRock Baby- Amy Salins-Myers

Tell us about your funniest parenting story (we all have them!)

Well I've been a new baby mama for only three months but one of the funniest things that I catch myself doing is making sure my baby is still breathing. I wake up in the middle of the night, even when she's still sleeping and scream at my husband, 'is she breathing?!' I can't sleep unless I place my face super close to hers to make sure that yes, she is fine. I think that happens to many moms but I find it hilarious that I'm constantly doing that, sometimes multiple times a day and night!

With my stepson Roman, we have shared a lot of laughs and moments. I think one of the best moments was when my husband and I were still dating and Roman and I took a trip to the city for breakfast and some fun. After that time we spent together, he really opened up and began to trust me. After we were married and while I was pregnant, there was an event at school called 'Moms and Maple bars.' I always go with him as he asks me to come and on our way I thanked him for making me a mom and for helping me to be confident for when this baby comes. He looked over at me and said 'well we did it together.' What a blessing to have such a gift in this boy!

You can find the Myers family on Instagram at @Asa413.