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The Myers Family ∙ "Our life is now complete!”

BirdRock Baby- Laura Myers

The Myer Family

Seven Fields, PA

What is your favorite family tradition?

Going to Ocean City New Jersey every year!

Tell us about your favorite family story.

Our family started back in 2009 when our first baby boy Luke entered this world! A short 21 months later his brother Liam followed! 2 boys under 2 was definitely a challenging adventure that of course I wouldn't have changed for anything!! These two guys started off as best friends and still to this day would choose each other to hang with than anyone else.

2.5 years later we welcomed our sweet Little Logan, our third boy! Growing up I never imagined myself one day surrounded by a trio of adorable little boys. I was truly the proudest boy Mom! A couple years later I convinced my husband to go for one more baby! Boy or girl it didn't matter.

Almost one year ago I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl in the world, Libby Jane. She has already proven to be the toughest one yet! I guess she has to be to keep up with three brothers! Our life is now complete! We are beyond blessed and thankful for our 4 perfect little gifts.

BirdRock Baby- Laura Myers

What is your family's motto?

My favorite motto is "When you love what you have, you have everything you need."

Your Thoughts on BirdRock Baby.

I am truly in love with birdrock baby moccasins!! They are our favorite shoes by a long shot!! So comfy and affordable !! You also have the best customer service !