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The Norberg Family ∙ "Why not?"

BirdRock Baby- Taressa Norberg

The Norberg


What is your favorite family tradition?

Every year around Thanksgiving, my mom's side of the family gets together! We aren't able to go every year, but I love the bustling of 50+ cousins racing about on my Grandma's farm with aunts and uncles swapping stories, debating politics, and friendly-ish competitive games of nertz and pinochle. While my daughter is still young, I'm excited for this tradition to also be a part of her childhood as it was for mine.

Tell us about your favorite family story.

One of my favorites was just this past Easter. I hid all the Easter eggs and my husband was just as excited as our daughter to be hunting for candy. They both had a blast walking around our yard and helped each other find the eggs. We spent the rest of the day reading and listening to the birds outside. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

What is your family's motto?

Why not!

Share Your Parenting Wisdom

BirdRock Baby- Taressa Norberg

What's your number one tip for new parents?

Have the courage to ask for help and ask for it now. If you're worried about asking for help too soon, you probably haven't asked soon enough.

What has been the most surprising thing you've learned as a parent?

I didn't know my heart could grow so big after Helen came along!

Tell us about your funniest parenting story (we all have them!)

When my daughter was still only a couple of weeks old, we went to church Christmas eve. I was a new mom and still shy about nursing (even with a cover) in public, but I was determined to not let my pride take precedence over my daughter. We were late (go figure) and I ended up sitting next to a mom, her son, and her husband.

About half way though, Helen wanted to nurse, so I gently put on my cover with quiet grace and decorum and let her go to town. *SLURP GURGLE SNORT!!* My baby smacked her lips and loudly inhaled every gulp of milk. My face turned run and the mom next to me stifled a laugh.

Her young son turned to his father and loudly asked, "WHAT IS SHE DOING?" The father, quite frazzled, hushed him quickly. So the son, quizzically insisted in a projected whisper, "wHaT iS sHe DoInG??" "She nursing," the father stammered, trying to be polite but just embarrassed as myself. "Oh," said the little boy satisfied for a moment. "WHAT'S NURSING?" While the father desperately tried to hush his son, his wife giggled and I wished the flood would eat me.

A little later, I carried out Helen to change her diaper and try to burp her. After almost 10 minutes, I decided to return to my seat. Right as I sat down, during a part when there was no music, Helen let out a belch that turned heads for several pews around. It really was a great Christmas gift. This was motherhood and I had been "baptized" into it and knew I was in for a great ride. We still laugh about it today.

BirdRock Baby- Taressa Norberg

BirdRock Baby- Taressa Norberg

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