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The Rambo Family ∙ "Embrace the craziness!"

BirdRock Baby- Samantha Rambo

The Rambo Family

Douglassville, PA

What is your favorite family tradition?

Going to Peddlers Village in New Hope PA every September.

Tell us about your favorite family story.

My favorite family story is the time we went to an apple orchard with a corn maze and got lost in the maze! We spent over an hour laughing while trying to find our way out!

What is your family's motto?

Embrace the craziness!

Share Your Parenting Wisdom

BirdRock Baby- Samantha Rambo

What's your number one tip for new parents?

Just go with the flow & don't stress yourselves out.

What has been the most surprising thing you've learned as a parent?

You think "my kid won't act like that in public"; WRONG! They do and will.

Tell us about your funniest parenting story (we all have them!)

I asked my son "what does mommy say?" When he was 16 months old & he said "oh st*t!"

BirdRock Baby- Samantha Rambo

You can find the Rambo Family on Instagram at @Samantha_raynee.