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The Schweigert Family ∙ "Whatever happens, we will get through it together."

BirdRock Baby- Lauren Schweigert

The Schweigert Family

Morton, IL

What is your favorite family tradition?

We love to take walks around our small town and talk about what we like(and don't like- haha!) about the houses we see. Its so fun to gather design inspiration and ideas, get the baby some fresh air and get some exercise when there's nice weather!

Tell us about your favorite family story.

My favorite family memory so far is seeing my daughter's dad become a dad. She was a huge surprise, but to see him love her and totally change his life so that she is the center of it is the most heartwarming thing I seen in awhile. He reads to her every night before bed when he is over with her and even though she is just 4 months old i know it will become their little 'tradition.'

BirdRock Baby- Lauren Schweigert

What is your family's motto?

Whatever happens, we will get through it together. 

Is there anything else you'd like us to know about your family story?

Sometimes the biggest 'accidents' can become the biggest blessings of your life! :)

Share Your Parenting Wisdom

BirdRock Baby- Lauren Schweigert

What's your number one tip for new parents?

Give yourself forgiveness. It won't feel very magical at all right away (or maybe it will), but if it doesn't, that's ok. I was dead tired, dealing with postpartum depression, trying to handle a newborn and feeling bad that i couldn't make it out of my house or have visitors over. It takes time to feel normal again! Recognize this and embrace it- you and your family just went through a huge change!

What has been the most surprising thing you've learned as a parent?

How much your life is transformed. And how much more I enjoy it than I thought i would!

BirdRock Baby- Lauren Schweigert

Tell us about your funniest parenting story (we all have them!)

i was changing my daughter's diaper and was trying to put the other diaper underneath her as fast as i could. i wasn't fast enough- projectile poop ALL across her wall, behind the changing table, and all over some of her headbands. It was ridiculous!!!

You can find the Schweigert family on Instagram at @lo_schwei.