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The Spratley Family ∙ " Apart from God, nothing is possible!"

BirdRock Baby- Shannan Spratley

The Spratley Family

Newport News, VA

What is your favorite family tradition?

My 2 girls and I (10 and 1) love to have cuddle time together. Baby girl is the apple of our eye and she adores her " sissy"

Tell us about your favorite family story

When I first started purchasing with you all last year in the beginning of the year, my family and I had became homeless while pregnant with my baby girl. I am a independent strong women and so I proceeded to continue doing what I had to do to provide for my children.

And we love with 2 people before we were blessed with our home on May 27,2021.We were excited to finally be in our own home again. My daughter was born July 2,2020 and on July 30,2020, or home caughter on fire due to a candle.

This would appeared to be a tragedy, but my Lord and Savior was continuously with us. He provided us shelter once again and on June 1,2021 we moved in our own home again!! We've been here since and I instill in my daughters morals and standards and a strong faith foundation.

We are closer then ever thru this tragedy and I was able to show how God will keep you even in difficult circumstances. This is my testimony and this company blessed me with more shoes after losing the ones I had purchased before the fire. Thank you for your kindness.

What is your family's motto?

Apart from God, nothing is possible!

Share Your Parenting Wisdom

What's your number one tip for new parents?

Get in community with other experienced parents and listen and learn from them!

What has been the most surprising thing you've learned as a parent?

Your children are watching and so it is important to be careful what you do in front of them!

Tell us about your funniest parenting story (we all have them!)

I'm a hairstylist in VIRGINIA and I was going to do my hair , and my child said to me, " You need to put a hat on your head." LMBO

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