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The Turak Family ∙ "It is what it is."

BirdRock Baby- Maggie Turak

The Turak Family ∙ "It is what it is."

What is your favorite family tradition?

Traditions are something we are still making as a new family. This past year we decided to move into a new house just 72 hours before Christmas Day. Yes, I know I am absolutely 100% out of my mind...

However I took a deep breath and my husband, Christian and I packed up our downtown third floor apartment and moved to an 1850 countryside farmhouse. Being only 3 days before Christmas I was doubtful I would get any decorating done. My husband and I thought it was important for our then, seven month old little girl to experience the holiday.

We bought a three foot Christmas tree and Christian and I both picked out an ornament that seemed special to us. As boxes surrounded us, unpacking fell to the bottom of the priority list and we put up our little girl's first Christmas tree. As a tradition, we plan to put the tree up every year.

Tell us about your favorite family story.

My favorite family story is the one that got us where we are. Everything happened very fast for Christian and I. He says he fell in love with me the moment he met me....

But hey, when you know, you know right? Within one year we got pregnant, I started my career, we got engaged, we had a baby, we got married, we adopted a new puppy, and we moved into our forever home.Some say we are crazy and most of the time they are probably right, but it is how we do things. Chaos is a normal in our lives and I wouldn't have it any other way. Our story is ours and that is what makes it my favorite.

what is your family's motto?

It is what it is

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BirdRock Baby- Maggie Turak

What's your number one tip for new parents?

It can wait. The laundry, the dishes, the to do list. It can all wait. My husband and I are both full time working parents. My house is far from Marie Kondo's approval... however I have learned that is ok.

Taking the time after a long work day to spend in the living room with Christian and Stella, playing and catching up is much more important than tackling the mountain of dishes in the sink or the laundry cycle that I've had to restart for 3 days because I keep forgetting to switch the loads over. The days are long but the moments are short and they will pass by whether you are watching or not. So be there for those moments.

What has been the most surprising thing you've learned as a parent?

Pick my battles. As a new mom, learning to pick my battles is something that has gone a LONG way in my life. If I freaked out over every mess, every stain covered onesie, or every spilled sippy cup, I would lose my mind. Honestly, lose. My. Damn. Mind. So if my daughter wants to play in the dog's water bowl while I get a few dishes washed or throw a load of clothes in the washer real quick. Or let's be real for a second, drink a glass of wine while I say, " Whoo hoo! " as she splashes in the water, then so be it. It's just water....

Tell us about your funniest parenting story (we all have them!)

I still laugh to this day when I think about it. We took Stella to her first doctors appointment. She was only a week old. The doctor took her weight and measured her as the routine appointment goes. As the physician is holding her, telling us how perfect she is and reassuring us as new parents she was right on track, Stella lets out a big push and poop shoots out of her diaper, flies in the air and lands right on the doctor' scrub pants. My husband and I glance at one another trying to hold in the laughter that was sure to follow. I still wonder to this day if the doctor found the little surprise later on In her work day.

BirdRock Baby- Maggie Turak

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