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Best Baby Nail Clippers: Top Picks for Safe Trimming in 2023

Taking care of a baby involves paying attention to the smallest details, and one of those is keeping their nails trimmed and tidy! Baby nails grow surprisingly fast and can easily become little daggers, causing accidental scratches on their delicate skin or our own. Luckily, baby nail clippers are designed specifically to handle those tiny nails, ensuring a safe and effective trim.

When it comes to baby nail clippers, you want to find a pair that is easy to use and gentle on your baby's fingers and toes. It's essential to consider factors like ergonomic design, safety features, and ease of cleaning when choosing the perfect pair for you and your little one.

We've spent time researching the best baby nail clippers to identify the top options for keeping your baby's nails neat and scratch-free. Read on to discover our top picks for the best baby nail clippers and make nail-trimming a breeze in your household 🥰

Best Baby Nail Clippers

As moms, we know how important it is to keep our little ones well-groomed, so we have compiled a list of the best baby nail clippers for you. These products are not only safe and easy to use, but also designed to make nail trimming a breeze. Let's dive in and find the perfect nail clippers to add to your baby essentials!

Frida Baby NailFrida: The SnipperClipper

Frida Baby NailFrida The SnipperClipper

The Frida Baby NailFrida SnipperClipper makes trimming your little one's nails a breeze, thanks to its innovative design and useful safety features.


  • Patented safety spy hole for precise clipping
  • Curved, overlapping blades for smooth snipping
  • Suitable for newborns to toddlers


  • Can be difficult to use on smaller fingers
  • Blades may dull after extended use
  • Some users may prefer a nail file over clippers

As parents, we have found that the unique design of the Frida Baby NailFrida SnipperClipper has made nail trimming much less daunting. The patented safety spy hole is a game-changer, allowing us to see what we're clipping and avoiding any accidental nicks to our baby's delicate skin.

The curved, overlapping blades help to ensure smooth and silent snipping, while also being gentle on our baby's nails. We appreciate that the SnipperClipper is safe for all ages - from newborns to toddlers - making it a tool we can rely on as our child grows.

However, it's essential to mention that some of us experienced difficulty when using the SnipperClipper on smaller fingers, and the blades may dull after extended use. Additionally, some parents might feel more comfortable using a nail file rather than clippers for more control over the trimming process.

Overall, the Frida Baby NailFrida The SnipperClipper is an excellent solution for parents seeking a reliable and safe method for baby nail care.

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Royal Angels Baby Nail Clippers 20 in 1

Royal Angels Baby Nail Clippers

We highly recommend these Royal Angels Baby Nail Clippers for a safe, quick, and easy solution to keeping your baby's nails trimmed and polished.


  • Safe and easy to use for both babies and adults
  • 20 in 1 value set including 6 cushioned sandpapers for baby nails and 4 for adults
  • Whisper quiet motor with LED light for use even when the baby is sleeping


  • Extra replacement pads may not be needed, making it a bit excessive
  • White attachment might be less effective than the others
  • Not suitable for clipping pet nails

We just used these Royal Angels Baby Nail Clippers and they were incredibly gentle on our baby's delicate nails. The electric nail trimmer is designed for both babies and adults, so we could use it too. It's so easy to use and control, with only one button to navigate through different speed settings and rotations. We appreciate the fact that it's powered by two AA batteries, making it sustainable for long-term use.

One of the things we loved about this product is that it comes with a variety of attachments. The thoughtful 20 in 1 value set comprises 6 cushioned sandpapers for baby nails and 4 for adults. As a bonus, you also get 8 extra replacement emery file pads - though some may find this a tad excessive.

The whisper quiet motor is truly impressive and does not disturb our baby when in use. The addition of an LED light aimed at the fingernails lets us trim the nails effortlessly, even in dimly lit rooms or when our little one is sleeping. However, we noticed that the white attachment for baby nails does not seem as effective as the others.

Although we came across a few reviews saying this product could be used for pets, we discovered that it is not suitable for trimming pet nails, as it might leave them jagged and uncomfortable. Overall, though, we're delighted with the performance of these Royal Angels Baby Nail Clippers and would recommend them to any parent seeking a safe and user-friendly option for maintaining their baby's nails.

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Safety 1st Steady Grip Infant Nail Clipper

Safety 1st Nail Clipper

The Safety 1st Steady Grip Infant Nail Clipper is a reliable and safe choice for trimming your baby's nails.


  • Designed specifically for baby's nails
  • Easy to hold and use with an extra-large, soft-touch handle
  • Suitable for all ages, from newborns to toddlers


  • Colors may vary, which might be an issue for some
  • Bulkier than other baby nail clippers, may not be suitable for very small hands
  • No additional features like a built-in light or magnifier

During our experience, the Safety 1st Steady Grip Infant Nail Clipper was a lifesaver in keeping our baby's nails neat and trimmed. As moms, we know how tricky it can be to cut those tiny nails without causing discomfort. This clipper's design made it easy to hold and maneuver, even when our little ones were wiggly or squirmy.

We especially appreciated the soft-touch handle that provided a secure grip and made it much more comfortable to use. Since it's suitable for all ages, we didn't have to worry about purchasing a new nail clipper as our babies grew into toddlers.

On the downside, the clippers are slightly bulkier than other baby nail clippers that we've used in the past, which might be a problem for those with very small hands. Also, it's worth noting that the colors may vary, so if you're seeking a specific shade, you may be disappointed.

Despite these minor drawbacks, we found the Safety 1st Steady Grip Infant Nail Clipper to be a valuable addition to our baby care routine. Its easy grip and straightforward design made the task of trimming our baby's nails much less daunting. This versatile clipper is a solid investment for any new parent, and we highly recommend adding it to your diaper bag essentials.

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Haakaa Baby Nail Trimmer Electric

Haakaa Baby Nail Trimmer

We highly recommend the Haakaa Baby Nail Trimmer Electric for its safety, effectiveness, and convenience in grooming your baby's nails.


  • Safe and effective for babies and adults
  • Whisper-quiet motor and LED light for use in dark areas
  • 6-in-1 value set with various attachments


  • Light angle could be improved for better visibility
  • May not be suitable for use on thicker nails
  • Small parts could pose a choking hazard

As parents, we found the Haakaa Baby Nail Trimmer Electric to be a great solution for keeping our baby's nails trimmed and smooth. The safety features, such as the rounded file heads and gentle motor, provided us with peace of mind that we wouldn't accidentally hurt our little one. The whisper-quiet motor was also a plus, as it allowed us to groom our baby's nails even when they were sleeping.

The 6-in-1 value set is definitely a selling point for this product, as it includes different file head attachments for varying stages of our baby's growth. We also appreciated the inclusion of attachments for adult use, making this a versatile tool for the whole family. However, we did notice that the file heads may not be suitable for those with thicker nails, so it's important to keep that in mind when using this trimmer.

One minor drawback we noticed was that the LED light could be angled better for improved visibility when trimming our baby's nails in low light conditions. Although the light is helpful, it could be improved with a minor adjustment in the angle of the light.

It's also crucial to note that the Haakaa Baby Nail Trimmer Electric does contain small parts that could pose a choking hazard. As with any product containing small parts, we always make sure to keep it out of reach of our children when not in use.

In conclusion, we believe the Haakaa Baby Nail Trimmer Electric is a valuable tool for parents seeking a safe, effective, and versatile solution to keep their baby's nails trimmed and healthy. With its gentle motor, variety of attachments, and quiet operation, it's an ideal choice for busy parents who want the best for their little ones.

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YIVEKO Baby Nail Kit, 4-in-1 Baby Nail Care Set with Cute Case

YIVEKO Baby Nail Kit

This YIVEKO Baby Nail Kit is a must-have baby grooming set that will make your life easier and keep your baby's nails neat and safe.


  • Versatile 4-in-1 kit with nail clipper, scissors, nail file, and tweezers
  • Safe to use with hygienic standards and high-quality materials
  • Perfect baby gift and easy to carry during travels


  • The case lid may not stay on securely
  • Scissors may not be as durable as other components
  • May take some practice to master each tool

We fell in love with the YIVEKO Baby Nail Kit as soon as we started using it on our little one. This 4-in-1 kit contains all the nail grooming essentials: a nail clipper, non-slip handled baby scissors, soft-tipped tweezers, and a gentle glass nail file. All these tools are stored in an adorable and portable case, perfect for traveling moms.

Safety is a top priority for us, and the YIVEKO Baby Nail Kit lives up to our expectations. The stainless steel blades are non-blunt and rust-free, ensuring a safe trimming experience for our baby's delicate nails. Additionally, the ABS handles are non-toxic, anti-slip, and durable with no harsh chemicals.

We found the overall design of each tool in this kit to be well-thought-out, specifically for kids. The ergonomically designed nail clipper and non-slip grip scissors make nail trimming a breeze while the soft-tipped tweezers and delicate nail file provide the perfect size for our baby's tiny fingers and toes.

Aside from a few minor flaws, such as the case lid not staying on securely and the scissors being less durable, we highly recommend the YIVEKO Baby Nail Kit for any new mom or as a gift for baby showers and birthdays. It's a gentle, safe, and easy-to-use solution for baby nail grooming.

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Nuby Infant Nail Clipper (Style may Vary) Silver

Nuby Infant Nail Clipper

The Nuby Infant Nail Clipper is a reliable choice for moms who want to keep their baby's nails safely trimmed.


  • Sized for baby's small nails
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Durable quality product


  • Style may vary, not customizable
  • Only includes one clipper
  • Some users may prefer larger handles

We recently got our hands on the Nuby Infant Nail Clipper, and after using it, we thought it was worth sharing our experience with other moms. Keeping our little one's nails trimmed is crucial to prevent scratches and maintain hygiene, so finding the right tool is essential. The Nuby Infant Nail Clipper proved itself for the task, thanks to its size and simplicity. It's perfectly sized for a baby's small nails, allowing us to easily trim without any fuss.

Safety is our number one priority when it comes to our babies, and this nail clipper delivers on that front. The design ensures we can accurately clip their tiny nails without the fear of hurting them. We also appreciate the durability of this product - it's clear that Nuby put thought into creating a quality clipper that will last.

However, no product is perfect, and we found a few minor drawbacks with the Nuby Infant Nail Clipper. While it's not a deal-breaker, we did notice that the style may vary, which means you can't choose precisely which design you'll receive. Additionally, the package only includes one clipper, and some parents may prefer to have a backup or additional clippers for convenience. Lastly, some of us found the clipper's handles to be a bit small, making it a little tricky to maneuver - but this might not be an issue for everyone.

Overall, the Nuby Infant Nail Clipper has been a great addition to our baby care toolkit, and we're confident in recommending it to others. Despite the few minor drawbacks, it offers safety, simplicity, and quality that we moms appreciate when it comes to caring for our little ones.

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The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier

We highly recommend this nail clipper for its unique magnifier feature and ease of use, ensuring stress-free nail trimming for your baby.


  • 4x fold-away magnifier for increased confidence
  • Precision stainless steel blades
  • Ergonomic sure-grip shape for easy handling


  • Magnifier may give a warped view for some users
  • May require frequent blade replacement
  • Not portable due to bulkier design

As moms, we know how stressful and scary it can be to trim our baby's tiny nails. That's why we love The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier. The fold-away 4x magnifier helps us clearly see our baby's nails, increasing our confidence and reducing eyestrain during the nail-trimming process.

What sets this nail clipper apart from others is its ergonomic sure-grip shape. It's sized and scaled perfectly for tiny nails, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip while we trim. The precision stainless steel blades allow for a smooth cutting experience without causing any discomfort to our babies.

On the flip side, some users may experience a warped view due to the magnifier's design. This could make nail-trimming more challenging for certain people. The blades may need occasional replacement, and the clipper's larger design might not be ideal for on-the-go situations. However, these minor drawbacks do not overshadow the overall benefits of this product.

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier is a great addition to any baby care kit, providing a safe and efficient solution for maintaining our little one's nails.

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Buying Guide

As moms, we understand the challenges of keeping our little ones safe and well-groomed. When it comes to baby nail clippers, finding the right one can be daunting. Not to worry, we're here to help you choose the best product!

Key Features To Look For

When selecting the perfect baby nail clippers, some features to consider include:

  • Safety features: Look for clippers with curved blades, safety stop bars, or built-in LED lights to help you see better during the process. It's crucial to avoid any accidental nicks or cuts.

  • Ease of use: Ergonomic, non-slip handles are essential for a comfortable grip and better control. Clippers that can be operated with one hand are convenient as well.

  • Materials: Opt for high-quality, durable materials, such as stainless steel or BPA-free plastic, for long-lasting use and easy cleaning.

  • Size and portability: Compact, lightweight clippers are perfect for on-the-go moms and slipping into your diaper bag.

Caring for Baby's Nails

Now that we know what to look for in nail clippers, it's essential to take care of our baby's nails properly. Here are a few tips:

  • Regularly trim their nails every 3-7 days for newborns and around 1-2 weeks for older babies.

  • It's best to cut their nails after a bath when they are softened, making the process easier.

  • Always use baby-specific nail clippers to ensure safety and accuracy.

Remember, keeping our baby's nails short and neat is crucial to avoid any accidental scratches. With the proper tools and tips, we can confidently take care of our little one's nails!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the safest baby nail clippers to use?

We believe the safest baby nail clippers have rounded tips, user-friendly handles, and a protective guard to prevent nicks and cuts. Some popular options include the Fridababy NailFrida, Safety 1st Steady Grip, and The First Years American Red Cross clippers.

Which nail clippers are best for newborns?

For newborns, we recommend using nail clippers designed for tiny fingers, like the Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors or the ZoLi 'Buzz B' Electric Nail Trimmer. These clippers are gentle, easy to maneuver, and minimize the risk of injuring your newborn's delicate skin.

Are there baby nail clippers that come with a built-in light?

Yes! Baby nail clippers like the Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper and the Cheraboo 'Hurry Harry' Nail Clippers have built-in LED lights, which help you see your baby's nails better when trimming.

How do electric baby nail trimmers compare to traditional clippers?

Electric baby nail trimmers, such as the ZoLi 'Buzz B' or the Little Martin's Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer, can be easier to use than traditional clippers because they don't require as much precision. Most electric trimmers have multiple speed settings and cushioned pads to gently file nails down. While some parents prefer these electric models, others may find that traditional clippers work just as well.

What are the most recommended brands for baby nail clippers?

Some highly recommended brands for baby nail clippers include Fridababy, Safety 1st, The First Years, Piyo Piyo, ZoLi, and Cheraboo. These brands offer a variety of options to suit your baby's needs and your personal preferences.

Do toddler nail clippers differ from baby nail clippers?

While baby and toddler nail clippers may have similar features, toddler nail clippers are often larger and designed for thicker, stronger nails. Some toddler-specific options include the Simba Baby Safety Scissors or the Nail Snail 3-in-1 Nail Trimmer. As your child grows, you may find it helpful to switch to a more suitable clipper for their age and nail development.

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