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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies

Stocking Stuffers for Babies You Need This Holiday Season

Baby Bootie Slippers

Whether waking up to a winter wonderland, or under palm trees, there is something magical about Christmas morning. Family, presents, festivities, and goodwill abound.

No matter the age, everyone loves fun, unique, thoughtful and useful gifts. When it comes to Christmas presents some of the best gifts are the smallest: stocking stuffers! Although babies are too young to appreciate what all the fuss is about, toddlers and infants are especially fun to spoil around the holidays.

Below we’ve put together some of this year’s best stocking stuffer ideas for babies. Read on and get your creative juices flowing with ideas for the fast-approaching holiday season!

2023’s Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies

Without further ado, here are some of our favorite picks for stocking stuffers this holiday season...

Baby Shoes to Keep Those Feet Cozy and Protected!

Baby moccasins are soft-soled shoes that are comfortable and help little ones learn how to walk as they explore the world.

Not only are these types of shoes soft and flexible, but they also offer babies’ delicate feet increased mobility. Baby moccasins are especially lightweight, which will make it easier for your little one to walk around.

Best of all, they come in a wide variety of fun colors and patterns to work with all of your little one’s outfits. Here are a few of our favorites 🥰

Teething Toys – for parents and toddlers alike

Anyone who has gone through the experience of their child teething remembers that during this time, babies love nothing more than to put anything and everything – including their hands – into their mouths.

Why not eliminate the risk of something dangerous going into their mouths by giving them something safe and durable to chew on for relief? There are a variety of baby teething toys to choose from, from soft rings to soothing freezer pouches or teething feeders.

Keep your baby happy, comfortable, and occupied while their pearly little whites make their way into place. How adorable is this little smiling penguin!

Crib Accessories – deck out the crib in style

Seeing your little one slumbering peacefully in their little crib is priceless. Those are the moments you’ll miss as they get older. Yet many cribs are very “plain” and don’t often fit with you or your baby’s personality, style or the room’s décor. Consider gifting some crib accessories like these adorable jungle themed liners:

Pacifiers – can never have too many

Many individuals presume that pacifiers are something that’s used solely to keep babies occupied and quiet while giving them something to suck on. The truth is that pacifiers are also exceptional at relieving ear pain and discomfort.

Interestingly, studies show that pacifier use has also been linked to lower rates of SIDS. This simple stocking gift will keep your baby relaxed, safer, and comfortable, by teaching them how to properly and safely self-soothe during stressful situations.

Why not spice things up a bit by looking for novelty pacifiers and interesting and fun pacifier clips to securely keep your little one’s pacifier safe from getting dropped and/or lost.

Our personal favorite is this natural rubber pacifier from Frigg:

Bibs – nobody likes a mess more than a baby

Bibs may sound like a basic gift to give a child at Christmas, but the reality is that they are an important staple everyday parent’s arsenal. Bibs also come in a wide range of fun styles, colors, and patterns.

New designs come packed with features such as a front pocket to help catch food that falls out of the baby’s mouth (making cleanup quick and easy). Drool bibs, on the other hand, are especially useful due to their special design and absorptive properties used to prevent baby’s drool from soaking through to their clothes.

This set of muslin bibs makes a great gift:

Baby Monitor – keep a watchful eye at all times

Today’s baby monitors are technological marvels, providing parents with real time video and audio monitoring of their little one’s every move. Even as the child gets older, they make a great watchful companion to keep tabs while doing household chores, cooking and more.

Sippy Cups – fun, useful and just the right size for a stocking

Sippy cups are the perfect way to help your little one make that transition to a regular cup or bottle from what they are currently using to feed from. Today’s sippy cups are designed with narrow spouts that tightly seal to stop spills and other liquid-related accidents.

Nowadays, sippy cups come with a number of innovative features such as dual handles with grips, drinking edges, anti-spill technology and more. Find them available designed with everything from your favorite sports teams to your baby’s favorite Disney characters.

Bath Toys

Bath time should always be a fun experience. More importantly, bath time is also a time to bond with your little one and play in the water. The best baby bath toys should be small (but not so small that they are a choking hazard), durable, and have no loose parts.

For toddlers, choose toys that encourage safe water play, such as large rubber animals, boats, and more.

Stuffed Toys – plush and cuddly

Lots of children have a favorite stuffed toy – or stuffy — that they like to take wherever they go. Why not pick out a soft, safe, soothing friend for your little one to love this Christmas? Just be mindful to pick one without loose parts or buttons that could come off. You might also want to consider a favorite cartoon or animated movie character to go along with the corresponding DVD or Blu-ray.

Car Seat and Stroller Toys

Car seat and stroller toys are an excellent way to keep your little one occupied when you’re both out running errands. Choose toys with different colors and textures to keep and maintain their interest. The best toys also have bright colors and sounds that are designed to stimulate an infant’s neurological development.

Find the Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Babies This Season

As the crisp air heralds the approach of winter, we're reminded that the festive season is just around the corner – a time filled with warmth, joy, and the magic of giving. If this year's celebrations include cherishing a precious little one, allow the ideas in this guide to spark your imagination and guide you to the perfect treasures that will fill the stocking of the beloved baby in your life.

Embrace the spirit of the season with open-hearted creativity and a dash of uniqueness. After all, each thoughtful gift you choose is a sprinkle of love and a memory in the making. Happy holiday shopping!