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5 Features Your Newborn's Shoes Must Have

Searching for the perfect pair of newborn shoes? The American Academy of Pediatrics has specific recommendations designed to help you find the right shoes for your little one...

1. Your newborn needs shoes that are lightweight and flexible.

A baby's feet are just learning to explore the world, and it's important that their shoes move easily and support natural foot movement.

Light and Flexible Newborn Shoes

2.) Baby shoes should breathe well.

Leather or mesh are perfect materials for your little one's feet. They breathe well and allow your baby's feet to regulate temperature and stay comfortable.

3.) Select a pair of shoes for your child that mimics walking barefoot.

There's been a lot of hype in the past few years about "barefoot walking," and for good reason; our feet have been molded into the perfect walking tool.

Nevertheless, of course we all need shoes to safely navigate the potentially uneven, unsafe, or unclean ground we face in everyday life. Choose a shoe for your newborn that offers protection from the elements without modifying their natural walking style like a pair of baby booties.

4.) Avoid overly stiff or compressing footwear.

Shoes that buckle down tight, or have compressing straps, could limit your little one's movement. Loss of mobility from stiff shoes could cause serious deformity and weakness down the road.

Durable Baby Shoes

5.) Choose a shoe with durable soles to protect your child's feet from the ground.

A good pair of baby shoes is the perfect protection your baby needs from ground that is bumpy, hot, dirty, or otherwise troublesome to their feet. They also make for great stocking stuffers ; )

Make sure you select a shoe with durable soles that will keep those toes protected and last until the shoes are outgrown.

Leather has been trusted for centuries as a strong and reliable material. BirdRock Baby moccasins are made with 100% high-grade leather, so you'll know your baby's feet are safe. Our shoes will last and won't break the bank.

We've crafted BirdRock Baby moccasins to meet and exceed these requirements.

Our moccasins are lightweight, flexible, and durable shoes that will protect your newborns feet and promote proper foot development.

Some of our most popular moccasins for newborns are our Light Pink, Sky Blue, and Latte models.